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After months of preparation, you have finally got your data science interview!  Now, that you are preparing for the data science jobs, in this article, let us talk about the things you need to do a day before your interview and be the best version of yourself when it matters!

It is important to remember that acing your data science interview questions is not all about technical chops. Companies who try to interview the right person take into factor many different aspects of the role and get the best person who fits the role aptly.

Here are the 8 things in this data science tutorial that ought to do a day before the D-day:

Master your resume

Data Science Interview Tips - Master your Data Science Resume | EduGrad

Yes, you read it right. 

It is mandatory that you don’t overlook any questions that might be asked which are related to your previous roles. There are no right answers. The interviewer is just trying to understand you personally and help you get comfortable. Be yourself. There is no point in lying or pretending to show that you know more than what you actually do. Data Science is a huge field and it is perfectly ok if you are not yet a master of all aspects in it. 

The interviewer is also looking to understand why you left your previous role and know your motivations to join the advertised position.

This is why you ought to do your homework thoroughly and prepare a list of answers to possible questions that might be asked in conjunction with your resume.

Do your background research

Be it salary negotiations or understanding more about the culture of the company, it is vital that you do more than just basic research to get a better sense of the dynamics in play at the firm. 

Detailed background research will also help you give a leg up when it comes to salary negotiations and to ace the technical aspects of the interview.

Here are some tools/sites you can use to perform background research:

  1. Glassdoor: This site helps you understand the culture of the firm and the general pros and cons. It also gives you a general sense of how much they pay for a particular position in the firm.
  2. BuiltWith: This site is very useful in finding the myriad technologies that are at work. Especially when it comes to technical interviews, you can gain an insight into what goes behind the screens and prepare questions accordingly.
  3. Crunchbase: If you are looking to join a startup, Crunchbase can come in handy. Be it useful funding information or helping you understand the financials of a company, Crunchbase has become a vital piece of information that can enlighten you with funding data.

Be aware of your data science projectsData Science Interview preparation tips | Data Science Projects - EduGrad

Having done your background research, be cognizant of the data science projects that are relevant to the position you are applying for. 

Be it EduGrad or any other platform, it becomes essential that you pull out whatever project you did over the course of your career and be prepared to speak about it during the interview.

Practice puzzles and algorithms

As a data scientist, you will be facing problems of different kinds on a daily basis. This is why interviewers actively test candidates on puzzles that cover different algorithms.

So, practicing myriad algorithms before the interview help you sharpen your problem-solving skills and ace the technical aspect of the interview. There are tons of resources online which can help you in practicing real-life puzzles. Some good sites where you can get hold of data science puzzles are: 

  1. GeeksforGeeks: As the name suggests, it is a one-stop-shop for puzzles for all things related to computer science.
  2. Datacamp: A site where you can learn about different varieties of puzzles in a particular language of your choice.

Master SQL

There is literally no excuse to be weak in SQL if you are preparing for a data scientist role. Data querying is really vital for a data science role and having a high skill in a data querying language like SQL can come very handy in a data science interview.

Be it sub-queries or common table expressions, it is important that you brush up your basics and take a thorough glance at SQL before your interview. Data scientists might have moved to distributed systems, but SQL is still very much used to retrieve data.

Prepare for real-life problems

If you want to be a successful data science professional, you have to move beyond just theoretical puzzles and solve real-life problems that firms face on a daily basis. 

This is why it would be really worthwhile if you can get hands-on a problem that a firm is facing and try to solve it, especially if you are a fresher. It also pays to be curious and ask a lot of questions especially when you just starting out.

Coding & Statistics

Data Science Interview preparation | Understanding coding and statistics - EduGrad

Coding is the most important part of the job and it is vital that you use sites such as Hackerrank and CodeChef to regularly practice before the D-Day.

You become a bit rusty if you don’t practice coding regularly. It is also time you go through different puzzles in topics such as statistics and behaviour. 

Statistics plays a key role in your job and going through concepts such as:

  1. Type 1 and Type 2 errors
  2. Hypothesis testing
  3. Linear Regression

Helps in brushing up your skills in statistics.

In addition to practice, you also ought to go through concepts in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, especially in textbooks and the latest conference papers. (To understand the recent developments in the area).

Ask Questions

Who said that a data science interview has to be one-way? You ought to ask questions related to your role and be inquisitive during the course of the interview.

Remember that, at the end of the day, you are evaluating the interviewers as much as they are evaluating you. 

Ask the interviewers about the company culture. Try to look for red flags. What is the long term vision of the company? How does the firm address its past employees? What platforms do they currently use?


In conclusion, an interview for a data science role is just that. An interview. Don’t fret too much about it. At Edugrad, we train freshers and experienced professionals and help them get their dream careers, especially in fields such as data science. Feel free to check us out. And best of luck for your data science interview! 



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