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Data is everywhere. With the rapid proliferation of the internet and the consumption of a huge amount of information by the users, companies are racing to develop techniques and tricks to utilize the data provided by the consumers for myriad purposes. With both enterprise and consumer-oriented companies giving utmost importance to data, the number of jobs in data science has skyrocketed giving ample opportunities to freshers and experienced people alike.

A study by the Analytics India magazine has shown that India accounts for 6% of the entire job openings in the world when it comes to data science and the job growth has been increasing by 45% YoY in the country. And analytics is not limited to the Information technology industry anymore. Right from financial services to warehouses, analytics is used by firms across sectors.

Here are the top trends that you need to watch out for if you are passionate about data analytics and are looking to pursue a career in data analytics/someone who is already dealing with troves of data.

Major Data Analytics Trends:


Data analytics trends to watch out for in 2019 - chatbots

Since the onset of the millennia, chat has replaced calling as the dominant mode of communication. Chatbots have recently gained much traction as it is used as a way for AI to respond to instant queries using historically available data and trends. One of the most exciting things to watch out for in tech, chatbots are going to play a very major role in our daily life in the near future.

Bots are used in a medley of areas ranging from customer support to lead generation for companies and are showing a lot of promise. There have been many companies in tech hubs across India that are focussed on conversational AI, both for SME and the enterprise. Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant are just tangible examples of this focus. Bots not only save a ton of man-hour costs for the company but also provide unmatched and uniform customer service experience if trained right.

And for a chatbot to be effective, it has to be fed lots of relevant data. Analyzing this data and feeding the relevant information to the bot and training it is where a good natural programming language specialist’s talent lies.

Here are the top languages to master if you ought to find a well-paying job in the bot industry:

Moving to the cloud

Data analytics trends - Cloud computing

The cloud is the future of storage. More and more enterprises and SMEs are moving to the cloud since it offers a lot of advantages to their business. With tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google striving to provide top-notch services in the cloud, it is time that your firm leverage the cloud not only for storage but also for AI-related purposes.

Learn Python for Data science | EduGradA lot of industry veterans believe that public cloud will be the host platform for AI in the near future leading to less reliance on GPU and firms having a lot of flexibility when it comes to storage. Cloud-based development enhances collaboration and allows firms to use computing resources on demand rather than buy expensive hardware with limited computing resources.

This is why you ought to familiarize yourselves with the latest cloud development platforms for AI development as firms are increasing their investments in the cloud to take their firm to greater heights.

Products for consumers based on their interests

Data Analytics trends - Products for consumers based on their Interest
Google is a good example of a product that uses trends and user behaviour to provide appropriate results

We live in an era where products can be customized based on the user’s interests. Be it Facebook, Quora or Instagram, a lot of firms use data to offer feeds that are suited to the user’s taste.

The old adage “Customer is king” is still relevant to this date and a lot of firms have been experimenting with customer segmentation and understanding user behaviour to deliver products that are tailored based on real-time data. And the best part is that all of this happens seamlessly with the help of efficient big data analytic models that are capable of dealing with huge troves of real-time data.

Internet of things

Data Analytics Trends - Internet of things

India as a country has been growing rapidly when it comes to the number of internet users and this has led to a host of opportunities for firms who try to make the user experience seamless across devices. Be it deploying real-time models that capture user sessions across devices and using it to provide relevant information to the user or driving enterprises to create real-time analytics, IOT has led to a host of opportunities for the data scientist to explore.

With the number of devices set to explode, the next biggest thing we can see in data science is real-time analytics based on the available data.

Also as devices are getting more complex, we will need engineers and data scientists that are able to collaborate on a number of tools using APIs.

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